I have had several parents reach out to me to help get their kids back on track or help with their work. Being online now, kids have a bigger responsibility. They have more time on their hands and probably most of it is play time. However, they still have school work they have to do online. I have set up a schedule with one student to get caught up and the other is on track just needed a little help. I am grateful that parents ask for my help. I miss teaching kids. If you need help or your child needs help. Ask a teacher, they are missing their kids so bad and if it’s a sub you ask. Give them some money for their time. We aren’t salary and we are struggling. Parents, I recommend setting a schedule if you haven’t already. Set out an hour for assignments and do something else for an hour and then come back and do more assignments. Remember, kids can only focus for their age plus two minutes (Age six, focus 8 minutes). It also stops being age plus two at 22 minutes if you wanted to know. Find a routine and stick with it. Parents y’all are awesome.

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I am a plant and an animal lover. I love to help people.

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