Another bunny…

I woke up this morning and saw that my last original bunny hopped over the rainbow bridge last night. My sweet girl who gave kisses. She will be so missed. She was my grandma bunny. She was 11 years old which in human years is 81. I know her back end was bothering her a bit, so I’m glad she’s able to hop freely with her sisters in heaven with no pain. My dad now have 3 dogs and 3 bunnies with him in heaven and I know he’s taking good care of them. Much love to all my past fur babies. What helps me grieve is the knowledge that one day I will see them all again and no one will be sick and we will all be happy. I also practice my self care to bring my mood back up. What do you do to help you grieve?

Published by carrie2141

I am a plant and an animal lover. I love to help people.

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