Hard days…

Some days are harder than others. We all have them even if we don’t want to admit it. Today was a hard day for me. I lost my dad May 2019 and all I could do today is think of my dad. I cried on and off most the day. I thought of what he would think of what I’m doing. How he would encourage me to do it and rock it and have confidence and when I came home and told him I didn’t pass he would sit there well that’s okay you will get it next time. I wish I could hear him in person but I know his spirit was talking to me telling me those things. I felt very close to him today but I also miss having him in person. I miss hugging him and him teaching me things and joking with him and racing with him and dancing in the garage together. I miss all of the memories we made. I’m sad for all the memories we will never get to make. Today was hard. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Published by carrie2141

I am a plant and an animal lover. I love to help people.

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