Leaving My Daycare Kids

Today was a hard day. I left my job at a daycare. And the kids broke my heart. They were clinging to me begging me not to leave and asking me why I had to leave and where I was going. They told me I was there favorite teacher there and they didn’t want me to go. And even kids that I thought hated me started crying because I was leaving. These kids filled my heart with love for them. The said I could come back and visit which is awesome and the kids will love that. My heart feels like all of their little hands tore it to shreds. I’m so sad to have left. It was amazing to see that I had more of an impact on these kids than I thought I did.

Has anyone else felt like this from a job? Or have some uplifting things for me.

Published by carrie2141

I am a plant and an animal lover. I love to help people.

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