So I thought these guys were following me because they were pumping gas near me and I looked up cuz the bell on the door rung and me being the curious critter I am I looked up and this guy was looking directly at me. Then I finished pumping gas and closed the door on the hole and looked up in peripheral vision and saw them both staring at me and then I put mom’s wallet away and buckled my seat belt and out of the corner of my eye they were both staring at me. Not even being subtle about it. So I didn’t stop at stop signs and left. I was halfway down the street when I saw them hit the neighborhood so I floored it and was going way too fast in our neighborhood to get away from them didn’t see them when I needed to turn so I turned and still didn’t see them so I hit the driveway at and floored it up the driveway. I was terrified.

Not to admit to speeding which I very very rarely do.

Why is this something we have to worry about? Why do we have to be scared? Why can’t people just be good people? Not to say that they were following me. They could have just lived in the same neighborhood who knows. No one should have to feel that scared though. It just sucks. I just want to feel at peace with where I am without having to worry about someone following me for one reason or another. Or anyone else for that matter. Be kind and stay safe y’all.

Published by carrie2141

I am a plant and an animal lover. I love to help people.

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