Waking up

I keep telling myself that I will get up the first time I wake up. There is a line to that. If I wake up at 4. Everyone is still asleep. I can’t do anything anyway. I’ll go back to sleep. However, when I go back to sleep, I always sleep till like 8 and I feel like that is super late. I woke up at 5:45 and really didn’t want to be up but knew if I went back to sleep, and that’s a big if, that I’d wake up late. So, I did my whole morning routine with taking care of the animals. Now I’m wide awake.

I like the mornings though. When I don’t have a set schedule it’s hard to get up and work on time management. I did better when I had a hourglass and made it a game and tried to best the sand. I used it when I was in school. It helped me so I wasn’t sitting all day. I did a school activity, in the time frame. Got up and did something around the house. Then sat back down and did another school activity.

I am very visual, so I liked to see the sand falling to know how much time I had left. I wonder if it would work for the chores and different things I need to get done in the day. Besides canning. It wouldn’t work on canning.

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I am a plant and an animal lover. I love to help people.

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