I really enjoy canning. I’ve canned tomato soup and I’ve canned jelly’s and jams. I want to get into canning other things, but I need a pressure canner.

You can only do certain things at different acidity levels in water baths versus a pressure canner.

I took a course on canning and would have to go back and read over the information again on how to can veggies and meats. Did you know you can can meats. I think that’s crazy. But the beauty of canning is you know what’s in it. You are responsible for it. And if you have grown it yourself you know it’s organic.

I think canning is also important for those days when you are too tired to make dinner. You grab one of those meals you already prepped and all you have to do is heat it up.

Canning takes time though. It’s basically an all day adventure. Especially when I don’t have a bunch of pots. I only have one pot and I can only fit a handful of jars in it. So I have to do the same process over and over again.

It’s a lot of fun though and it’s very rewarding. I’m getting ready to make some beauty berry jelly.

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I am a plant and an animal lover. I love to help people.

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