Being sick and missing someone important

As many people know or don’t know, my dad passed away May 16 2019. He was always there when I was sick making sure I was okay. Making sure I was drinking enough and even helping me with a bath with washing my hair cuz I was too weak to stand and do it myself. He would make me Gatorade slushies and make sure I had blankets and a cool wet rag to keep my fever down. He would even pick up the chores I had to do because I couldn’t. Well, if they were important. Like something that had to do with the animals.

I haven’t been sick sick since he died but now I am. And it’s so hard to do all of this myself. Things that take me 5 minutes are taking way longer cuz I have to stop and rest. And I fell asleep making myself a slushy so then it froze and I had to wait for it to defrost. I still have to take care of the animals because there’s no one else to do it. And all I want is to rest. My body wants me to rest and recover. But I have to take care of the animals.

It does make me miss my dad though. He was always there for me and now I have to be there for myself.

Published by carrie2141

I am a plant and an animal lover. I love to help people.

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