I will post information on Bunnies here as I learn it and whatever shenanigans mine are up to

Bunnies Cute but Destructive

Bunnies are so cute. Every time you see a bunny you just want to pet it, right? I agree. Bunnies are one of my favorite animals. What I didn’t realize was that they are incredibly destructive. They will chew anything that is left on the ground. It could be paper, furniture, extension cords, and any other thing they can get their teeth on. They also dig, a lot. The digging is a natural instinct to make a burrow, but it can still take a number on your carpet.

Our First Bunnies

About 8 years ago, we got our first two bunnies. They had different names at the time, but we renamed them to Aphrodite and Athena. You can tell what we were learning in school. I did not know anything about raising bunnies. The previous owner said it was easy. Just keep the crate clean, and keep hay, food, and water full and you’re good to go. I did that and it went well for a little while, but then my little 8th grade mind decided that I didn’t like them being cooped up in the cage all the time. So, I went on google to learn about the needs of bunnies. While food, water, hay, and staying clean are all important. They need exercises too. That was when I let them out to run around the house and learned how destructive bunnies really are and how much they poop.

Basic Bunny Care

They need water, a good quality food, and good quality hay. They should be eating more hay than pellets, but sometimes that doesn’t work out. If they are eating too much pellet then they could become to heavy and that can be dangerous, but we will talk about that later. The next thing they need is loving. They need to be pet and loved just like a dog. They also need a brush to brush their fur and nail clippers to clip their nails. They are domestic, so kind of like domestic horses need their hooves trimmed, bunnies need their nails trimmed so they do not get too long.

Daily Checks and Cleanliness

You should check your bunnies daily. Check their butts and faces for any hair that is clumped or matted and you can use a baby wipe to help clean it. You should NOT give a bunny a bath. If they get too cold they can catch a cold and get very sick. It can also lead to death.


My bunnies love to get into my plants. I find it very annoying. No matter how hard I try to keep them out, they manage to get in there anyway. I have tried fencing the plants in, blocking them with totes, raising them off the floor. They have managed to get to them at every turn. Needless to say I keep toxic plants higher than others.


My sweet bunny snowball died yesterday. She had osteosarcoma (an aggressive cancer). I knew it was coming because I saw her stop eating and then her breathing slowed down and then she couldn’t move. I went to check on her the next day and she tried to lift her head up to greet me, but she was too weak. She ended up dying about an hour later. I know she is happy and healthy in heaven now. She is with her sister (who also died of cancer) and my dad. I know she will always be with me and I am grateful for my time with her.


It is important that bunnies are able to run around almost every day. They have a lot of energy just like any other animals and they have to be able to work it off. Just like us or any other animals. They love to run and jump and one of the cutest things they do is binky. This is when they jump in the air and kick their back legs. Sometimes they ever do a little flip. It is one of the cutest things. They do not like to

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