Fireworks and stressful dogs

Blake, my dog, can’t stand loud noises. He freaks out at guns and fireworks. He will literally start shaking. I give him medicine to help him and I diffuse lavender and put some lavender on him. And he still curls up in a small spot and shakes and I feel so bad for him. Even worse today I’m petsitting and had to leave him with my mom and sister. We all live together so it’s not a stress stacker by moving him to another location. But I felt bad leaving him but I have a responsibility. I know he will be okay. I know I’ve done everything I can for him. But I still feel bad. I just want to hold him and make him better. What does everyone do for their dogs during stressful times?


Christmas is coming up now. It’s time for the holidays. I hope everyone is prepared? Does anyone else start buying presents in January for Christmas the next year so you aren’t dumping money in December? I just start buying little things here and there to stock away. But then there is always that one person your like crap. Forgot to get that present. And you have to go back and by December you don’t have any money anyway cuz money just seems to vanish this time of year. I only did that to one person this year. But I got it handled and it’s fine. I hope everyone’s has a good Christmas. Even though it hasn’t felt like Christmas. Merry Christmas y’all.


Anyone else have those days where you just have to pretend that the person you have lost is still here and that everything is fine. Then it hits you again and again that they aren’t here and your heart breaks all over again.

It’s okay to have those days. Grief is a never ending process. Let the emotions flow and write them out or talk them out. Have an outlet and do some self care. Grief is a very hard process. Take deep breaths. We will see them again one day.


I really enjoy canning. I’ve canned tomato soup and I’ve canned jelly’s and jams. I want to get into canning other things, but I need a pressure canner.

You can only do certain things at different acidity levels in water baths versus a pressure canner.

I took a course on canning and would have to go back and read over the information again on how to can veggies and meats. Did you know you can can meats. I think that’s crazy. But the beauty of canning is you know what’s in it. You are responsible for it. And if you have grown it yourself you know it’s organic.

I think canning is also important for those days when you are too tired to make dinner. You grab one of those meals you already prepped and all you have to do is heat it up.

Canning takes time though. It’s basically an all day adventure. Especially when I don’t have a bunch of pots. I only have one pot and I can only fit a handful of jars in it. So I have to do the same process over and over again.

It’s a lot of fun though and it’s very rewarding. I’m getting ready to make some beauty berry jelly.

Waking up

I keep telling myself that I will get up the first time I wake up. There is a line to that. If I wake up at 4. Everyone is still asleep. I can’t do anything anyway. I’ll go back to sleep. However, when I go back to sleep, I always sleep till like 8 and I feel like that is super late. I woke up at 5:45 and really didn’t want to be up but knew if I went back to sleep, and that’s a big if, that I’d wake up late. So, I did my whole morning routine with taking care of the animals. Now I’m wide awake.

I like the mornings though. When I don’t have a set schedule it’s hard to get up and work on time management. I did better when I had a hourglass and made it a game and tried to best the sand. I used it when I was in school. It helped me so I wasn’t sitting all day. I did a school activity, in the time frame. Got up and did something around the house. Then sat back down and did another school activity.

I am very visual, so I liked to see the sand falling to know how much time I had left. I wonder if it would work for the chores and different things I need to get done in the day. Besides canning. It wouldn’t work on canning.

A touching story

I heard a touching story today. This man and wife brought their dog into the vet. He wasn’t feeling very well. This week happened to be the anniversary week of him going into the hospital for a ruptured aneurysm and being in a coma for 34 days and then his wife’s mom died right after he got out of the hospital and it’s a hard week for his wife. I’d like to lift them up in good energy and prayers and hope that their week gets a little easier. On a brighten note their dog is going to be okay.


I think I may try writing again. I like doing it even though when I started writing in 8th grade my best friend at the time said I was horrible at it. I don’t feel like you have to sound like a poised person to write. I feel like writing should be how you feel the words flow through you. Whether they are small simple words or large complicated words. Let’s see where this leads me.

Football games

In highschool I went to the football games because Cora was IN the band. I would wander around with friends and hang out with the band. I didn’t have to pay because I was with the band. I helped move equipment for them too.

Some things never change. I went to my first college football game to watch Cora CONDUCT the band. So here is me. Still going to football games not knowing what’s happening on the field. Barely able to see them anyway besides a bunch of guys falling over top of each other and chucking each other. Just to see her and the band.

I did start getting into it though. ODU lost though. I love seeing my sister do what she does. I’m so proud of how far she has come.

Art and What it Means to me

Art is something I turned to when I needed something to help calm me down or needed an escape from something. I liked watching colors blend together and making different patterns and colors. To be completely honest, my landscapes still need work, but that’s why you practice. Art has kept my mind at peace when life gets chaotic. It is one of the several self-care techniques I use to help myself zen.

Something I learned…

Something I learned today was, I don’t want to be the adult that when asked what I would do if I went back and started over in life in regards to a career, that I would change what I wanted. I want to follow my dreams. I don’t want to have regrets. I want to do everything that I wanted to do. Follow the paths that I want to follow. Live life to the fullest and live like there may not be a tomorrow.