New job

I started a new job. I’m actually kind of enjoying it. I was super nervous at first but I’m getting into the swing of things. I enjoy going in in the mornings for the most part. I’m working in a day care. My bosses are super nice and most of the kids are really good. There are some that I am constantly talking to, but others are super sweet and listen. I’m glad to have work I just wish I was making more


One thing about me is I love horses. I love animals in general. The only thing about horses is they are expensive. Expensive to keep. Expensive to ride. But I absolutely love to ride. My sister has paid for me to ride twice now. I’m excited because she is doing it again now. Only downside is she has to stop when she goes back to school. I need to figure out how I can afford to keep doing it when she isn’t here. I’m hoping this job opportunity will work out for me and ill be able to afford it.

Pet sitting

I love pet sitting. I love playing with animals and making them happy and comfy while their owners are away. The down side is how much gas I use going back and forth taking care of my own animals and making dinner for me and my family. Plus missing my animals and my own bed. You never know what kind of bed you will get when you pet sit. The one I’m in here is too soft. I like them not too firm and not too soft. Hurts my back otherwise. Plus it is super hot in this house. Which makes it hard to sleep. But the doggy being cute makes up for it.


When you are caring for someone. Especially an elderly stubborn person who has broken their arm. It is quite exhausting. There is a lot of repeating directions, making sure they are safe even though you know they aren’t but they refuse to go to a rehab place. It’s so exhausting. I’m grateful for the time I am spending with her but it is super tiring trying to keep up with that and my daily schedule m

Father’s Day

I just want to say happy father’s day to all the father’s out there and the mothers being father’s too. My dad is in heaven and I hope he’s having a good father’s day up there. Not having my dad here for father’s day and basically any day really is super hard. I miss him so much but I know he’s healthy and having fun with the rest of the family in heaven. He’s probably racing today too.


I made a cabbage salve for my mom. It is supposed to alleviate inflammation and help with pain from arthritis. It’s amazing what common plants and herbs can so for our bodies and how much they can help us heal naturally. I had to infuse the oil for 5 hours and then I had to add aloe and beeswax to harden it. It was so time consuming. I am hoping that it will help her.


I know I have not posted in a while. It’s been so crazy. Everything is so crazy that is happening right now. It’s super scary. I am not going to talk about it though. So, I have started my garden. A little late but I am working on it. Also been taking my grandma back and forth to appointments and she’s having to go back in for surgery to remove some hardware from her arm because some screws are coming out. They are also checking for an infection. On another note I had a job interview last week and I’m still waiting to hear back if I have the job or not. They did give me a courtesy call to say they are still looking at applications so that is helpful I guess. Still doesn’t keep me from stressing about it.

Asleep but awake

I didn’t sleep well last night. I don’t know why. But this morning I was rolling around kind of awake but still dreaming. I remember a lot of my dreams and woke up and didn’t really remember these. It was kind of disappointing. I like to record my dreams as I remember them. Who else is fascinated by dreams? Who else experiences that wakeful dreaming?


So I heard something outside behind linwood and it moved over towards the edge of the driveway. And I told Linwood and then I heard it when it was about mid garden and again at the edge of the house. And then I stopped hearing it at the back corner of the house where it was out of my hearing range. It was super heavy footed. So Linwood gets a weapon and tells me to turn Blake loose. I say I’m not turning Blake loose because we are too close to people and I don’t want to send Blake. But Blake led the way on the search and we walked back there and heard it again. And he told me to turn him loose and I said I can’t because there are people on the porch over there. If we had a bunch of acres and no neighbors then sure I can keep up with him but not now. He starts telling it to come out and we didn’t hear it again so we walk back over to his spot and I hear it again at the corner of the house again. Then Linwood thought it would be funny to scare me and say there’s something coming and act like he’s running away and I grab him and trying to get Blake and he starts busting a gut and I was like really and I’m taking deep breaths trying to calm my racing heart and he’s like I’m sorry forgive me I didn’t mean to scare you that bad and I was like you took 30 years off my life and he was like but added 15 to mine. I was like you’re such a butt. And he hugged me and was like I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.


A question I get a lot is are you going into the medical field. Especially if I am with my grandma. My grandma talks about how good I am to her and how I’m taking care of her so well. My mom is in the medical field. And apparently quite a few people in my life thought I was going to go that route too. Idk that that’s what I really want to do though. What kind of questions do you get asked all the time?