I have had several parents reach out to me to help get their kids back on track or help with their work. Being online now, kids have a bigger responsibility. They have more time on their hands and probably most of it is play time. However, they still have school work they have to do online. I have set up a schedule with one student to get caught up and the other is on track just needed a little help. I am grateful that parents ask for my help. I miss teaching kids. If you need help or your child needs help. Ask a teacher, they are missing their kids so bad and if it’s a sub you ask. Give them some money for their time. We aren’t salary and we are struggling. Parents, I recommend setting a schedule if you haven’t already. Set out an hour for assignments and do something else for an hour and then come back and do more assignments. Remember, kids can only focus for their age plus two minutes (Age six, focus 8 minutes). It also stops being age plus two at 22 minutes if you wanted to know. Find a routine and stick with it. Parents y’all are awesome.


I know my limits. I know when I should stop. I tend to not make the best decisions though. I have a weak back. I cannot tax it too much without it hurting and I can’t lift heavy things with out making my disk bulge. Anyway, yesterday I decided to pull up all 30 of the bulbs that were coming up when I knew I should stop at half. I am now having to heat my back because I pushed it too hard. Know your limits and listen to your body. Don’t be like me. That project will still be there when you come back to it the next day. You get less done when you have to take several rest days to fix yourself. STOP AT YOUR LIMITS! There is no shame in what you can and can’t do. LOVE YOURSELF and respect your body!

The rain

I decided to sit out in pawpaws garage for a bit and meditate because the rain on the metal roof is perfect and beautiful. What would have made it even better if it was in the middle of the woods with a fire going and a cup of tea while I watched the vibrant colors of the forest. I love being in the woods when it rains. Everything seems so perfect and clean and all the colors are more vibrant and everything is so calm. Nature is beautiful. Gods creation is amazing.

Seedlings and the weather

Our weather right now keeps jumping from hot to cold and back again. I have little seedlings coming up and I have to cover them with a tarp to keep them from freezing at night. We have had 30 degree nights these past few nights and it is super frustrating. I cannot image how large field farmers are feeling right now. I am super grateful for all of the big time farmers and their knowledge and patience with the weather and their bountiful harvests. I know just my few buckets of plants is stressing me out with the weather. I cant wait to see them all grow and get food from them though. It is definitely exciting to watch them.


Something I love to do is read. What’s even better is reading free books. Some authors will let you have a free book in exchange for a review. Sometimes I find mistakes in the writing that the proofreaders missed and I can send that to the author (privately, not on the review) and they can fix it. I actually very much enjoy doing that, but you can’t find jobs like that without having experience. This was just a thought of today.

Lost my bunny

So, my bunny snowball passed away (3/39/2020). She had osteosarcoma and she lived about 6 months from when I had part of her tumor removed. Watching an animal go through that is hard and it is hard with people too. I watched my pawpaw lose his battle with lung cancer. That is a different story though. Losing an animal can be just as sad as losing a family member or friend. I know my animals are part of my family. I love having them around and when I lose one it breaks my heart. I know they are not in pain anymore and are healthy and carefree up in heaven.