What I learn about the cat

When we first got the Cat

She was born on March 28th 2020. Originally, we were told that she was still being bottle fed, but by the time we got her she was already weaned and she was on soft food. She is technically my sisters cat. She has been eating a mixture of hard food that has been soaked down to mush mixed with the soft canned food for kittens. She has a vet appointment for next week and she will get her first shots then (6 weeks). She is just starting to play with her toys. At first they scared her. She follows me around and my dog doesn’t like when she gets in his space. If anyone has advice that would be nice.

We have another cat. Her name is Charlotte and she is about 12. My sisters friend dropped her off with us and she is finally opening open and she’s playing with the other cat and doesn’t take any of my dogs crap. She’s a nice old lady. She loves belly rubs.


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