I will post information about my fish and what is happening here

What fish I have

Like I said, if you saw my first blog post, I currently have 2 Bettas, 4 goldfish, and a handful of creek/pond fish. I am not exactly sure what the creek/pond fish are because they are all very small.

This is Balou. I am not the best photo taker, especially of fish. He is about almost 2 years old and my oldest Betta.
This is the fish who shall not be named, because no one would name him. I just started calling him Voldermort. He is about 8 months old.
These are my four goldfish. They do not have names.
Betta Fish Basic Care

They should have a 2.5 gallon tank or more, plenty of places to hide, food, and I use distilled water because my tap water has too many minerals. I use stress coat when I do water changes or when I see they have been picking at their fins. I also have Melafix on hand for harsh injuries or illness. You only use a tiny amount of either of them at a time. People also say that they should have a heater, but if you keep your house at 72 or higher, room temperature is fine. I also keep Indian Almond Leaves on hand, but I will talk about those later.


Everyday, I wake up and I give them 3 pellets and a worm. Every time they see me they come over and they start making loops around the side of the tank I’m on. It’s quite adorable


The net I used to scrape out any leaves and algae broke and I got another one but it is super small and only meant to scoop fish. I need another big net so I can keep scooping algae and leaves. It is important to keep things like leaves out of the pond because they can make a pond murky. I scooped a bull frog one time.

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