Flowers and Gardening

I will post my flowers here, what I grow, how I am doing it, and information I find out

Warm weather

We have had a warm winter this year and most of my bulbs have come up. However, I am redoing how I had them and have been steadily pulling them up as they have come up this season. I have close to 300 bulbs. I had just put them in the ground and was watching them come up in random places, but I decided I didn’t like how they were coming up. So, now I am going to make beds for the specific plants. Although, I do have one bucket where I am not sure which plant they are, so I might have a bed with random plants.

My favorite flowers

I really don’t have a favorite flower. I love tulips and how many varieties and colors there are, but the same can be said for daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus’. They are all beautiful. My favorite indoor flower is the African Violet. I absolutely love them. What are some of your favorite flowers?

These are the four pots I have African Violets in. It is time to split them, but I need some more pots.

Every state and county has a different zone. I live in Virginia and our zone is 7A. Every flower has a set of zones that it will grow in. You can always grow any plants in a temperature controlled green house, or if you have the space and no nosey animals in your house. It all depends on the plant and temperature climate of the space you live.


Most bulbs should be planted at least 6 inches in the ground (in Z7) to protect them from the winter freezes. The ground does freeze, but only to a certain depth. Honestly, bulbs are one of the easiest flowers to grow. They do not need much help at all, however you want to make sure they do not get crowded. That can cause them not to flower. Another tip is when you are planting them, if you want specific flowers (ex: daffodils) to bloom at different times, turn the bulbs at different angles so it takes longer for the stem to reach the surface. It doesn’t delay it by much, but it will a little.

Leaves and seeds

Yesterday I blew all the leaves off my flowers. I leave the leaves on them for protection from the winter. Free mulch basically. It helps protect the roots from the frost, so that they don’t get burned from the cold. Today I am hoping to get some more dirt and add them to the buckets and that way I can start some of my seeds today. I also need to till a couple different areas and build boxes. I am hoping to finish that up by the end of the week.

Wild Violets

Today, I made wild violet jelly. What’s amazing is all of the medicinal or edible plants and herbs that are just out and around us all the time. Back to the jelly though. It is the most stunning pinky purple color and one of the most exciting things I have made in a while.

Wild Violet Jelly
This year’s weather

This year’s weather has been super hard to deal with. It’s been cool during most of April and May. I keep having to cover my plants with a tarp which is super hard with the plants being tall now. I am grateful for all of the farmers who endure this on a regular basis and their ability to overcome it and provide for not only their family but so many others as well. Thank you for your hard work and effort farmers.

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